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谁尚未掌握research gap的寻找方法?

谁尚未掌握research gap的寻找方法?


Evidence Gap



The researcher observed a clear evidence gap in the existing research regarding [your topic]. While prior studies have explored various aspects, as evidenced by citations to two or three relevant articles, they have not adequately addressed conflicting findings within the scope of previous research. The researcher has thus recognized the presence of an evidence gap, particularly in those earlier studies that present contradictory results.

Knowledge Gap



The researcher has pinpointed a conspicuous knowledge gap in prior research related to [your topic]. Furthermore, the earlier research did not delve into the subject of [specific aspect]. This encompasses various unexplored dimensions that have recently garnered research attention in other disciplines, as evidenced by citations to two or three relevant articles. Exploring [the subject] further is imperative to gain a deeper understanding of why this aspect has not been adequately examined in the context of [your research focus].

Practical-Knowledge Gap



An evident practical-knowledge gap is discernible in previous research. The prior literature notably lacks rigorous investigation in this regard. Some of these unexplored aspects seem to be absent in the practical application within the [specific field]. The [field name] domain is primed for an examination of practical implications and applications.

Methodological Gap



The researcher has identified a methodological gap in earlier research, notably characterized by a scarcity of [specific type] research designs in the context of [research area]. As we endeavored to implement [your research design] for our study, it became evident that prior research has been deficient in exploring [your research design] research methodologies.

In this study, our objective is to initiate a fresh inquiry into research designs involving [specific features of your research design]. We aim to enhance and broaden the scope of research within this field by addressing these gaps in research methodologies and incorporating innovative elements in our approach.

Empirical Gap



Previous research appears to have left an empirical void. The prior literature lacks a robust body of rigorous investigation. Several unexplored facets within this domain seem crucial and deserving of scrutiny within the framework of...

Conducting empirical inquiries into these aspects is crucial since...

Moreover, prior research has predominantly concentrated on qualitative exploration pertaining to...

To date, no study has ventured to undertake a direct empirical assessment of...

Scarce empirical work has been conducted on...

Population Gap



Previous research reveals an evident gap in the population under study, with some sub-populations remaining unexplored and under-researched, highlighting their importance and research potential in the given context, while earlier studies have predominantly focused on a specific demographic of interest.

Theoretical Gap



The researcher discerned a noticeable theoretical void in previous research pertaining to...

The existing theory on... appears somewhat outdated, and this deficiency in contemporary studies is a result of this theoretical gap, despite the foundational importance of some aspects of prior theory.

Nonetheless, there is a compelling need for an exploration of... and theoretical advancements, as this inquiry is imperative due to...

Furthermore, existing theoretical frameworks should incorporate current research to provide a more robust foundation for research endeavors. The earlier theory predominantly fixates on... and does not encompass emerging paradigms in...

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