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Reflective Essay这样写

Reflective Essay这样写

Reflective Essay这样写

Reflective Essay反思性论文同样按照三段论来写,即引言(Introduction)+主体(Body)+结论(Conclusion)。




主体部分是包含内容较多的部分,因此按时间发展顺序来组织Reflective Essay的主体段落是很合适的。主体段落需要展现故事的线性发展,其中包括开端(exposition),矛盾(事物属性的对立)(conflict),解决矛盾(resolution)。




General Analysis一般性分析

1、The most significant issue arising from

this experience was …

2、Alternatively this might be due to.

3、I feel this situation arose because

Reflection on self对自我的反思

1、At the time Ifelt that

2、InitiallyIdid not question…

3、subsequently Irealised…

Linking theory toexperience将理论与经验联系起来

1、This(concept)helps to explain what happened with…

2、Argyle(2001)propounds the importance of body language and

this relates to this situation …

3、X(concept) provides insight into my own experience of..

Linking experience to theory将经验与理论联系起来

1、My experience of.relates to Argyle's (2001)theory

2、This experience highlights the concept of

3、This experience is typical of what Hargie(2019)describes as


1、Having read around this isuelnow realisethat

2、Ihave developed my understanding of

3、litillyl did not realise the beneft of usingmethod X: however,

4、this experience has taught me that

Now what/Action plan现在怎么办/行动计划

1、However,I am not yet confident that

2、This experience has highlighted thatineed todevelop my sills

3、From this experience Ihave learnt that...which I feel will be invaluable

Reflective essay是英国大学很常见的一种essay形式,考察的是我们的深度反思能力,批判性思维能力以及自我评估的能力。它要求我们深入反思、批判性思维和自我评价的能力。与其他学术论文不同,Reflective Essay的关键在于反思。只有很好地展现事物对我们的影响以及我们所做的改变,才能吸引读者。