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拿捏essay|critical thinking

拿捏essay|critical thinking

critical thinking的基本原则

  1. 质疑和怀疑:批判性思维要求我们对所接受的信息保持怀疑和质疑的态度。不盲从权威,不轻信传言,而是通过深入思考和调查,来寻找真相和答案。

  2. 分析和评估:批判性思维需要我们能够对信息进行深入分析和客观评价。我们需要审视信息的来源、可信度和偏见,从而得出自己的判断和结论。

  3. 逻辑和推理:批判性思维强调逻辑和推理的重要性。我们需要学会运用逻辑思维和推理能力,从而发现信息之间的关联和逻辑漏洞,避免被无效的论证所误导。

  4. 创新和解决问题:批判性思维要求我们能够创造性地解决问题,不仅要能够识别问题的本质和根源,还要能够提出有效的解决方案,并且勇于承担责任和行动。

培养critical thinking的方法

  1. 多角度思考:学会从不同的角度思考问题,尝试换位思考,理解他人的观点和立场,从而拓展自己的视野和思维方式。

  2. 持续学习:保持好奇心,持续学习和积累知识,不断提升自己的认知水平和批判性思维能力。

  3. 实践和应用:将批判性思维应用到实际生活和工作中,例如在阅读新闻、评估产品、解决问题等方面,不断锻炼和提升自己的批判性思维能力。

  4. 与他人讨论和交流:通过与他人的讨论和交流,分享观点和经验,可以帮助我们更好地理解问题、发现问题,并找到解决问题的方法。

get it right essay critical thinking 1



① These claims have been strongly contested in recent years by a number of writers.

② The X theory has been vigorously challenged in recent years by a number of writers.

③ More recent arguments against X have been summarised by Smith and Jones(1982):

④ Many analysts now argue that the strategy of X has not been successful.Jones (2003), for example, ...


① There are obvious difficulties in accepting the reliability of self-report information.

② However, these results were limited to X and are therefore not representative of ...

③ Most of the research on the association between X and Yis flawed methodologically.

④ The experimental data are rather controversial, and there is no general agreement about ...


① The X theory has been vigorously challenged in recent years by a number of writers.

② A second criticism of the hypothesis draws upon research evidence which suggests ...

③ The X hypothesis has been questioned on the basis of some conflicting experimental findings.

④ Around the 1970s the consensus was that..., but during the 1980s several researchers challenged this view.


①These studies would have been moreuseful if they had focused on ...

②The study would have been more relevant if the researchers had asked ...

③The questionnaire would have been more useful if it had asked participants about ...