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今天,我和大家分享Literature review各部分例句。文献综述扮演着重要的角色,它不仅能够展现你对特定研究领域的了解和洞察,还能够为你的研究提供有力的理论支持和背景知识。



1. Numerous scholars have conducted extensive research in.

2. Historically. research investigating the factors associated with X hasfocused on.


1. Most studies in the field of X have only focused on..

2. Previous published studies are limited to local surveys.

3. Half of the studies evaluated failed to specify whether


1. Lack of Xhas existed as a health problem for many years

2. Questions have been raised about the safety of the prolonged use of.

3. Despite its safety and efficacy. X suffers from several major drawbacks:


1. The first section will attempt to assess whether.

2. The second part highlights the key theoretical concepts which

3. This chapter contextualises the research by providing backgroundinformation on.

Main body


1. Over the past decade, most research in X has emphasised the use of.

2. In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of literature on.

3. During the past 30 years, much more information has become availableon


1. The vast majority of studies on X have been quantitative.

2. That we know about X is largely based on observational studies.

3. Much of the previous research on X has been exploratory in nature.


1. In the subsequent chapter, Smith examines the extent to which.

2. By drawing on the concept of X, Smith has been able to show that

3. In their recent review of X, Smith and jones(2015) shed light on thenew challenges in.



1. This study has found that generally.

2. X, Y and Z emerged as reliable predictors

3. Multiple regression analysis revealed that


1. Before this study, evidence ofX was purely anecdotal.

2. This proiect is the first comprehensive investigation of

3. Prior to this study it was difficult to make predictions about how.

4. By providing a conceptual model, this work offersa novel understandingaf


1. Study limitations make an overall conclusion about X extremely difficult

2. Finally,a number of important weaknesses need to be considered. First

3. With regard to the research methods, some limitations need to beacknowledged.


1. Research guestions that could be asked include

2. There are still many unanswered questions about.

3. Further work is reguired to establish the viability of.