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在英语写作中,谚语" A picture is worth a thousand words "恰如其分地表达了图表的重要性。图表在Essay或Report中的运用能够以直观、清晰的方式传达信息,提升文章的严谨性和信服力。今天,我们将探讨不同类型的图表以及在描述图表内容时的地道英语表达。


  • 柱状图 (Bar Chart):

描述趋势:Demonstrate the trend

比较数据:Compare data

举例:As illustrated in the bar chart, the sales of Product A surpassed those of Product B in the last quarter.

  • 折线图 (Line Chart):

表达趋势:Illustrate the trend

强调关联:Highlight the correlation

举例:The line chart reveals a steady increase in customer satisfaction over the course of the year.

  • 饼图 (Pie Chart):

描述比例:Describe proportions

突出重要性:Emphasize significance

举例:The pie chart illustrates the distribution of budget allocation among various departments.

  • 散点图 (Scatter Plot):

展示关系:Show relationships

识别趋势:Identify trends

举例:The scatter plot indicates a positive correlation between study hours and exam scores.


  • 引入图表:

"The graph/chart illustrates..."

"As can be seen from the graph/chart..."

"The data presented in the graph/chart reveals..."

  • 描述趋势:

"There is a noticeable upward trend in..."

"The figures show a gradual decline over the years."

"The data points to a significant increase in..."

  • 比较数据:

"In comparison to..."

"When compared with..."

"Contrary to expectations, the data for X is higher than that of Y."

  • 强调关联:

"It is evident from the chart that..."

"There is a clear correlation between..."

"The graph indicates a direct relationship."

  • 突出重要性:

"Of particular note is..."

"It is worth mentioning that..."

"The most striking feature of the chart is..."



  • 准确标签: 确保图表的坐标轴和数据点标签清晰准确。

  • 充分解释: 在文中解释图表,强调关键数据和趋势。

  • 图表标题: 给图表一个清晰简洁的标题,准确概括图表内容。