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eHello everyone, l'm really happy/lt's a great pleasure)Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be here (toshare my thoughts on)…

简要概括背景知识+概况主题l'm going to talk about/discuss/examine/lo ok at+你的主题 My presentation has/consists of/will be/is dividedinto three parts. First l will analyze/ present youwith/show you.

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. Thanksfor coming. On behalf of xxxx, l'd like to welcome youall to our offices.

Hi everyone, l think we might still be missing a fewpeople but l'm going to kick things off now so we havetime to get through everything.

Hello and thank you all for coming.l appreciate youbeing here on such a rainy Monday morning ; last thingon a Friday afternoon


My name is xxxx, and l am The Head of xxxx here.eFirst of all, a little bit about my background. l am theHead ofxxxx at小组名字/公司名字/学校名字,andlhavebeen with the company for seven years 根据实际情况修改.Before that,l used to work forxxxx where l.….这一句讲过往经历可以看情况加。

To introduce myself, my name is xxxx and l am theHead of xxxx at xxxx.

By way of an introduction, my name is xxxx and lheadup the xxxx departmentat xxXX.


please Don't hesitate to stop/interrupt me if you haveany questions. Towards the end, there will be time forquestions.

lfyou have questions about anything, please kindlywait until the end of the presentation to ask them. We'lhave ten minutes for an open discussion at the end.eFeel free to interrupt if you have any questions.

解释 presentation 的逻辑

Since we only have 45 minutes to discuss this hugetopic, l'm going to keep things brief. This talk will bedivided into four sections. To start off...l'm going to look at four different aspects ofCPCadvertising in today's presentation. Number one...


As I said at the beginning.eThis, of course, will help you (to achieve the 20%increase).

As you remember, we are concerned with.

So, what is xxxx?

Let's start at the very beginning. Many people ask.

Without further ado.

Let's get started,


The subject of my presentationis.….今天演示主题是…

lshall be speaking today about... 我今天主要谈论..My presentation concerns.….我的演示主要是关于…

Today's topic is...今天的题目是..Today we are here to give a presentation on... 今天我们要做一个关于……的演示