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Methodology是研究性论文(Research Paper)中不可或缺的一部分。因为这个章节,需要向文章的读者阐述你是如何进行研究的,以及又是如何通过研究得出结论的。

今天给大家分享Methodology 高分模版句式赶紧收藏


Many researchers have utilised x to measure..

one of the most well-known tools for assessing

Traditionally, X has been assessed by measuring

A number of techniques have been developed to

pifferent methods have been proposed to classify

X is the main non-invasive method used to determine.

pifferent authors have measured X in a variety of ways.

Several methods currently exist for the measurement of x.


A major advantage of xis that…

The benefit of this approach is that…

x based methods provide a means ot

xwas selected for its reliability and validity.

A case study approach was used to allow a.

This method is particularly useful in studying…

A quantitative approach was employed since…


The cohort was divided into two groups according to…

A random sample of patients with.was ecruited from.

Articles were searched from January 1965 untilApril2014.

rhe sample was represer.tut,ve with espect to genderand…

rorty-seven students studying x were ecruited for this study.

A systematic literature review was conducted of studies that…

ust over half the sample(53 %)was female,of whom 69% were

Of the initial cohort of 123 students,66 were female and 57 male


rhe first question elicited nformation on…

seven questions,adapted from x,assessed

All survey questions utilised a 5-point Likert scale

Using a5-point Likert scale, participants were asked.

A short questionnaire was designed to ascertain the participants…

rhe questionnaire was designed to measure the following constructs

Participants were asked to respond using a5-point


n particular,the analysis of x was oroblematic.

n observational studies, there is a potential for bias from.

rhe small size of the dataset meant that it was not possible to…

Another major source of uncertainty is in the method used to calculate x.

n this investigation there are several sources for error.

rhe main error is.

t was not possible to investigate the significant relationships of x and Y further because…