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惊艳教授的Critical Thinking高分模板句!

惊艳教授的Critical Thinking高分模板句!

惊艳教授的Critical Thinking高分模板句!

不知道如何写Critical Thinking句子的学弟学妹们看过来!这篇文章为大家总结了许多高分句式,都是可以直接拿去用的哦。无论是essay写作、毕业论文,还是课程考试辅导,这些句子都能帮你在教授面前脱颖而出。建议大家先收藏,然后仔细阅读、使用。


  • Short term studies such as these do not necessarily show subtle change over time.

  • Precious studies of X have not dealt with.

  • The research to date has tended to focus on X rather than

  • However, these results were based upon date from over 20years ago.

  • However, much of the research up to now has been descriptive in nature.


  • The research would have been more relevant if a wider range of X had been explored.

  • The study would have been more interesting if it had include.

  • The study would have been useful if it had focused on ....

  • A much more systematic approach would identify how X interacts with other variables that are.

  • Believed to be linked to.


  • One major drawback of this approach is that...

  • The main limitation of our incomes, however is.However, this method of analysis has a number of limitations.

  • However, approaches of this kind carry with them various well-known limitations.


  • A major criticism of X's work is that.

  • A serious weakness with this argument, however is that...

  • One question that needs to be asked, however is whether...

  • One of the limitations with this explanation is that it does not explain why...


  • Many analysis now argue that the strategy of X has not been successful. Who , for example, argue that.

  • For example, X argue that...

  • The most important of these criticism is that who failed to note that...

  • Measure of X, but the...