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1. "Furthermore"(此外)


例句: "The initial studies focused on X, and their findings were crucial. Furthermore, recent research has delved into Y, providing additional insights into..."

2. "Conversely"(相反地)


例句: "While some scholars argue for the positive effects of A, others contend that B may have detrimental consequences. Conversely, a contrasting perspective suggests that..."

3. "Moreover"(而且)


例句: "The experimental results demonstrated a significant correlation between X and Y. Moreover, the subsequent analysis of Z revealed a previously overlooked aspect of the relationship."

4. "Nevertheless"(然而)


例句: "Although the existing studies generally support the hypothesis, there are, nevertheless, certain limitations that need to be addressed in future research."

5. "In addition"(另外)

与"Furthermore"类似,"In addition"用于引入一个相关但额外的信息,使得你的论文更具深度和广度。

例句: "The primary focus of the research has been on X and its implications. In addition, recent studies have explored the impact of Y, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic."

6. "To illustrate"(举例说明)

当你想要用例子或具体情况来支持你的观点时,使用"To illustrate"能够使你的论述更加具体生动。

例句: "Several instances can be cited to illustrate the practical implications of the proposed framework. To illustrate, consider the following case study..."

7. "Ultimately"(最终)


例句: "After considering various perspectives and analyzing the empirical evidence, it can be concluded that X and Y are interconnected. Ultimately, this study sheds light on the importance of..."