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Once the methodology has been outlined, l should then report on my resultsThe irplicalions of the resulis shouli nol be discussed at this slage - thatcomes later. At this point l should just describe my findings, perhaps usingsub-headings as delailed below, The order in which you report your resultsshould be logical and structured

Case Study Onelf a series of case studies had been perfomed, i could use sub-headings todoscnbe the rosults from cach.

Case Study Two

By using sub-headings in this way the reader can go straight to the sectionthey are interestod in without having to read the whole roport

Experiment One

It is possible to divide sub-sections down further by adding a third.order sub.heading with an additional number.

heading with an additional number.


Afler outlining my results l can then discuss their meaning. The presentationof my discusslon is entirely up to me. l could discuss the most importantresulis first, followed by more minor findings, Alternatively, I could discuss thefindings chronologically or geographically.


Having discussed the results, l can now draw some concluslons from them.My conclusions should not only refer to my primary rescarch, but they shouldbe set in the context of the literature and any limitations of my methodology.


If recommendations are required by the report, they could be made at thisstage. They could either be recommendations for action, orrecomendatons for further research. Or both!


If this were a research report, l would oultline my methodology at this stage.lshould need to include enough detall so that someone else wishing to followry prooodures coud do so and achieve the sare results as me. This maynot necessarily mean detalling the methods at great length, but should at leastreerenoe the lierature which does descrike my methods, Any lrnitalions ofthe methodology (i.e. a lack of time or inappropriate equipment) should bemade clear at this slsge, This deronslrales crilical thinking and relleclionand should give you better, not worse. markcs.

Literature review

Having introduced my topic,  should then review what the literature has to sayabout it. if it were a technical report, l might want to introduce the theorybehind my approach here. There is plenty of advice on report wnitingincluding books such as Houp (2006) and Lewis (1994), and web pages(Loughborough University Library,2006a), My citalions should appear as alist of references below, In this report | have used the Harvard Citation style(Loughi>orough Liniversity Library, 2006b).


This report provides an example structure for a report. Each section isconsiderably shorter than it would need to be for a full academic report. Theintention is to provide an overvew of the main sectlons that most reportsshould have


Abstracts should usually be no more than 100-150 words. They provide abrief summary of the report including the methods used, the key findings andconclusions. An cxample of a two-line abslract of this roport follows: Providesan outline of an example report and a summary of the man elements a reportshould include, Incudes a Report Writing checklist for use by siudents.


I shoxulkd like to acknowiedgye the support of ry clleagues in ceveloping andproof-reading this report. Were this work funded, I would also acknowledgemy lunding body here, as well as the input of any Supervisor or other internalor extemnal assistance.












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