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15 transitional words to help perfect the ending

1. 综上所述(In conclusion):在总结你的观点时,这个过渡词汇非常有用。

例句:In conclusion, the evidence supports the idea that climate change is a pressing global issue.

2. 总而言之(In summary):用于强调你的总结。

例句:In summary, the research findings highlight the significance of early education.

3. 因此(Therefore):强调前文观点与结论之间的关系。

例句:The data suggests a clear trend; therefore, further investigation is warranted.

4. 最重要的是(Most importantly):用于强调你认为最关键的观点或结论。

例句:Education is crucial for personal development, but most importantly, it empowers individuals to make informed decisions.

5. 总的来说(Overall):用于整体总结你的论点和证据。

例句:Overall, the study demonstrates a strong correlation between exercise and mental health.

6. 总结一下(To sum up):简洁地总结你的主要论点。

例句:To sum up, the experiment confirmed the hypothesis proposed earlier.

7. 显然(Clearly):用于强调你的结论是明显或不容置疑的。

例句:The data analysis reveals a significant pattern, clearly indicating the impact of technology on society.

8. 从长远来看(In the long run):强调你的结论对未来的重要性。

例句:Investing in sustainable energy sources is not only beneficial today but also crucial in the long run.

9. 总之,(All in all):在表达总结时,这是一个常见的短语。

例句:All in all, the literature review underscores the importance of early intervention.

10. 综合以上观点(Taking all these points into account):强调你考虑了多个因素。

例句:Taking all these points into account, it becomes evident that cultural diversity enriches society.

11. 可以看出(It can be seen that):表明你的结论是基于已提供的证据的。

例句:It can be seen that the economic policies have a direct impact on income inequality.

12. 换句话说(In other words):用于以不同的方式表达相同的观点。

例句:The findings suggest that there is room for improvement; in other words, more research is needed.

13. 总结所有要点(Summing up all the points):强调你已经回顾了所有关键要点。

例句:Summing up all the points, the study provides valuable insights into the field of neuroscience.

14. 总结思想(Summing up the ideas):强调你正在总结整个思路。

例句:Summing up the ideas, the essay has explored the concept of social justice from various angles.

15. 最后但同样重要(Last but not least):用于强调你的最后观点同样重要。

例句:The benefits of exercise on physical health are well-established, but last but not least, it also enhances mental well-being.

在上面的示例中,concluding transition突出显示了正在比较的两个主题,同时也预示了论文的结尾并强调了论文的结论(或重点)。